The Writing Room

Today I went to The Writing Room, a creative development course programme run by Apples and Snakes. This one was led by a favourite poet of mine, Warsan Shire.  Just over a week ago I’d been to Africa Writes at the British Library, where she and a host of other wonderful artists shared their worlds and work through talks, debates and discussions, so this is the second time I’ve met her. I still hope it’s not the last; she has a wonderful way of connecting with people, such a down-to-earth and warm nature. I brought my copy of Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth, and she signed it with a sweet message – I could have gone for this alone.

Anyway, there were about twelve of us there on the course, so it made for a nice safe space in which to create and share. We did a lot of free-writing, and my wrist is still aching. In spite of it I’m gonna post something from the first exercise we did.

Turns out Warsan is fan of Rhye (whoop!) – so she chose the lyrics ‘It’s just my nature / I ruin love‘ as a prompt for our first task. We had to start with those words and continue on, for five minutes, then share. I wish I could put up everybody’s work here, just to illustrate all the many great ideas that were borne out of it. This was mine:

It’s just my nature, I ruin love. I was born this way, and I live this way, this way is the truth and the life for me. I am a destroyer, and I accept myself, and whoever comes next to whomever I tried to love plants the seeds that I could not grow. I am the forest fire or the flood, or the chemical spill. I ruin love. But I do not kill, I only make way for birth, and in this world there are only ever two phases: birth and death, living and dying, laughing and crying, and the latters are the parts that I take care of.

My mother told me that everything has a time and a place, a role or a meaning. This is what I know to be true. This is what I know how to do. I accept myself.

 Till next time xxx

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