Brunel University African Poetry Prize 2016


Iyasu – by Ré Phillips

So the shortlist for the 2016 Brunel University African Poetry Prize is out, and I’m overjoyed to be on it.

I’m doubly happy to be representing Ghana. Firstly because this looks like the first time that Ghana’s been represented in the shortlist, but more importantly because it’s a been a longtime aim of mine to create the kind of work that takes me ‘home’ in some way. Even if I can’t yet afford the plane ticket to get there.

This year there were 900 applications from all over the world. As such, the shortlist was extended from six poets to ten. You can read a selection of poems from each of us, here.

Past winners are Warsan Shire, Liyou Libsekal, Safia Elhillo and Nick Makoha (joint winners). The prize is chaired by it’s founder, Bernardine Evaristo, who is also judging alongside Kwame Dawes, Tsitsi Jaji, John Keene and Helen Yitah.

This year’s results are announced on May 11th.

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