victoria adukwei bulley

what are scratchings?


In a bid to keep away from the voice that says, always, this isn’t done, or I’m it’s not ready yet – the one that keeps you from putting your stuff out into the world, or even creating at all – I’ve decided to offer weekly posts of unbaked things I’ve written recently.

These come from one of three places:

  1. the notepad app on my phone
  2. numerous ‘untitled’ Word documents
  3. my journal

I’m calling this series ‘scratchings’ because I like the multiple meanings of that term. Scratchings. For example:

  1. marks, wounds
  2. searchings, explorations
  3. leftovers, remains

Right? Right.

I hope that this’ll encourage me to write more fearlessly and more habitually, with more love for the drafts (the many many drafts) that go unseen before the publication or the performance. Artist/writer/otherwise, I hope it helps you too.

in love x