scratchings 6


Bedroom curtains above my cot / were not. Blood inside the veins, not. Blue. / Green – if olive skinned. Middle Eastern. Not / parting in the middle, man like Moses / walking through like a boss. A dozen roses. / Field of poppies. Stain of a woman. Sign of life. / Death, not. Today. Haemoglobin / oxygen rich. Caution, danger, mark above / the door of the house with the baby. But I – not. You. / But I was turmeric, like saffron yellow. / Like harvest moon gentle. / Like matinee showing. Like B-movie. / Mellow / safe, harmless, inert, unreactive, noble gas, yellow, smug, unneedy, Rastafari / standalone. / Banana. Custard cream. Rich / hot milk and egg yolk. Expertly broken / on side of pan. Shell intact. / Hard boiled and rolled underfoot. Tender but / not real. Not tomato. Not sauce of / chillies and bell peppers / not hot. Not vital. Not a warning / sign. Not a welcome home. / Not the other woman. / Not the stop sign. Not the / stairwell kiss. Not the deleted text. / Not the notification of delivery. / Not the name the number is saved under / no. Not at all.

Origin: old Word doc. October 2015. meditation on the colour red.

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