scratchings 10


descanso (in dark energy)

had a heartbeat / lost it / had a mind, almost, then changed it. At six weeks: a heart / begins to beat / like a coin starting to roll / a new idea, a lightbulb / a streetlamp turning on at dusk as you pass it / walking home. How often / does this happen? It let us want / you – made you wantable / and immanent. And then something other in me / or you / or the universe / had a change of heart / tugged the rope a little harder and / won. And there, finally, like that: the meaning / of dialectics. The inner workings / of things not visible to us / only their push and pull being felt and / us the children in the divorce. Forces / we know are there but can’t see / five senses not good enough. Known unknowns / that make us humble ourselves, choose / the right place in the hierarchy / and hold out our hands for / what is not  promised. In the empty space / I want to think of you / deliberately. Do something. Create a national holiday in / your namelessness, in my head. Close the banks / and write a poem. Burn / a candle. Buy a plant and / water it.

artwork: Daniela Yohannes – ‘Piu profondo di me’ (2015)
source: 22/1/17, Norwich, phone, after a dream.


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